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initial suspension setup 06 kx250f off road no racing

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Most of you have read some of my saga with my 06. I always felt the forks were too harsh for my riding style. I don't race, but I go from the trails of N. CA to the desert. I am not a really aggresive rider, but I have my times. In my searching and looking at spring rate cal., the stock springs are about right for my weight 190. Not knowing what the PO had done, I started from scratch.

During my down time I completely went through the forks, seals bushings, I also got a set of take off fork springs from an 08 (no ride time) in case mine were sacked. I then added 340cc of fork oil.

Since most of the data I see on suspension is for racers I am looking for a good starting point for setting my clickers for a better off road ride. I'd like to see how it works before i talk a revalve.

Also, the rear seems to work pretty well for me. I have perfect sag #s and was wondering what settings would be good there, (low spd, h spd rebound).

Just wanted to see what some of the offroaders were running.


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