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2004 SMR450 trying not to loose my cool

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I posted this on another forum but thought maybe someone here may have some insight on this as well even if on a TE.......

I just picked up a 2004 Husqvarna SMR450 to which I plan on using it for a little backroad scratching/light commuting.

I live only about 10-15 minutes from work but must go through town at some point and will hit about three traffic lights before I get there.

I don't want her to puke coolant whilst I am stopped at traffic lights so I bought the radiator overflow tank from the '05-'07 models and now am wondering about a cooling fan.

Anybody done this?

If so does anyone know if the 610 fan mount would work on my '04 450?

Or perhaps the later model SMR's that come with the fan will retrofit?

I did read that Husky switched radiator manufacturers at some point.

Thanks in advance


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the manual for my 2006 smr 250 says it will overheat in traffic...

but so far, no worries. monday i have to ride it for 2 hours through tokyo traffic... so we'll see then...

of course... its going to be a bit cold on monday, so that might skew things if you live in texas.

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