Can I modify a PMB Insert

Will cutting down the tube or drilling out some of those small holes help performance. I don't have an issue with rangers sound testing in this area, just wanted to quiet bike down alittle. How drastic of a change will be cutting tube down 1/2 or 2/3 be to my jetting. After installing the PMB I changed jetting to 155mj 45pj, 65 starter & fuel screw out 1 1/2 turn. Have not rode yet to test this setup out.

Smoke :)

Hi foursmoke,

I was thinking the same as you. I have both the PMB and GYT-R baffle. Currently my bike runs better with the GYT-R. I was showing a buddy of mine both baffles and we thought drilling out a couple of the holes all the way through might be the ticket. I would suggest drilling out every third hole and try it out. If still not enough drill out a couple more. I don't think shortening the tube would help but I may be wrong. Good luck and let us know about your findings !!!


Before you destroy your PMB insert by cutting it down or drilling out the holes, contact Lynn at PMB first! He has already done most of what you're wanting to do and can tell you the results he found in the process.

Here's his number:


Pro Moto Billet


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