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Stroker Crank for an 02 WR

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I searched a bit and found enough bits and pieces of info to make me think I'm pissing in the wind, but thought I would put the question out here for all to answer...

My son has an 02 WR250. The last time he rode, it finally gave up the ghost The big end of the connecting rod is toast. I know it's old and doesn't have a happy button, but the suspension is set up for him and it's plated in California...legally...so we are going to rebuild it.

I'm looking for a stroker crank for the 02 250 motors. I know the WRs and YZs from 01 and 02 are the same and either will work. I know the 03 WRs and YZs are different and that an 03 WR crank won't work in his motor because of the e-start compatible ignition. I've looked at part numbers, and have figured out that an primary drive gear, wrist pin and main bearings are the same between 01/02 and 03 up, YZ and WR. What's different is the flywheel.

I don't want to run an 03 YZ flywheel on the WR (as several companys offer for the 01/02 YZFs) as I will lose the lighting coil.

Does anyone know if the 02 flywheel will at least fit the taper on the 03 crank? If not, will an 03 and up magneto cover fit on the 02 cases? If so, I could pick up an 03 WR ignition...

Any other thoughts or sources to get a stroker crank for an 02 WR 250?

Thanks for the help!

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