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Big Bore RM suggestions

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My engine puked on me last weekend and while I am getting ready to tear it down to see what is wrong I am day dreaming of worst case scenarios and wha if's....

Are there big bore kits easily available out there if I require a complete rebuild? One buddy thinks I lost the rod bearing....but it is possible I cold siezed it on a club team race. We had to leave out bikes in inpound until it was time to make the swap in a relay race.

So worst case scenario crank on up rebuild.....so might consider a big bore kit. What is available? I have not considered it until now.

Anyone have experience with kits on their bikes? If you know someone on here that does can you give me their name so I can message them?

I finished a 2 mile course on a bike with no compression...desert/sage brush single track and an EnduroX section at the end of the lap. :thumbsup: Increadible weather out in E WA so even though I had no compression I was still smiling. Even a bad day riding is still a day riding! :ride:

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Kustom Kraft does a big bore for the RM 250. But they dont punch it out very much. I think they only do a 265 CC but they claim 30% more displacement along with up to 30% more torque.

RM 250 most years 265cc Big Bore Kit

Includes boring, sleeving, or Nikasil

piston, rings, pin, and gaskets, head

and power valve modification, as

required. $449.00

Its not a bad deal. They repaired and replated my very tired and worn out 18 year old RM 250 cylinder. I thought about doing the big bore kit but my 250 makes way more than enough power with what they already did. Maybe next time I will go with the big bore kit.

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