Brake Question

My nephew wrecked his cr450f a few months back, and we just got everything fixed, the problem we are having is the front brake grabs immediatly with the skightest pressure on the lever. When you release it, it rolls fine. Changed the rim, rotor, bled it several times with the same results. We even took the whole assembly apart and cleaned it, and checked it the best we could. The funny thing is off the bike, it seems to work ok, as far as putting a disc in the slot and pulling the handle.



"Live well...ride free" :)

Try it with some air in the system, I know this is not a correct fix, but my buddy with a Husky and Brembos, does it to soften up the feel and grab point.

There isn't much to go wrong. Make sure the caliper halves slide easily. Check your spring clips to assure they aren't hanging up. I'm guessing you have new pads on it. Rotor should be fine, even with some dirt on it.

I know there isn't a lot that can go wrong, but we have checked everything on it. The only thing I can think that it may be is a bent I guess this will be the next thing we check. It almost feels like there is no pressure regulation.


"Live well...ride free" :)

wrong fluid tipe... or try different brand...

How about adding some freeplay at the lever?

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