How many years does it take?

Every year and every ride I find more and more ways to improve my ability to peak my performance... knowing I will never be able to use all of my bikes performance. I learned to look as far up the trail as I can, breathe, loosen my grip, STAND UP, squeeze my legs, lean over the bars, use the front brake... on and on and on. Just recently I was shocked of how simple of a fix I never noticed to do.

I read a post recently of how someone goes in his garage and sits/stands on his bike for "hours."

I just put on some PT bars and triple clamp... thanks to robswr426. I was putting my bars and everything back together and was standing on my bike, readjusted my throttle position forward. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Reduced arm pump, easier to hog it on while standing and more comfortable than ever. When do the tiny little improvements stop. How many years does it take to clean up my style?


I felt the same way when I padded the seat height up 1-1/2".

It gave balance I never had for putting a wheel in a six inch rut and steering it with power on.

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