Posting photos

I wanted to post some notes on forks mods and wanted to include some photos.

Does anyone know how to include GIF files in the body of a message?



I could be wrong but I think the only way is to insert a link, meaning you have to store the picture somewhere on the internet. That is, I don’t think you can upload the picture directly to this site…

Then you just bracket the link with “” and “

Here’s a (crappy) pic of my bike. Click on the Edit/Delete Message icon (picture of pencil and paper) above this message and you can see how its done (and cut and paste the appropriate stuff if you want).


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I guess it isn’t always so easy…

I had to edit the message, I think anytime you include the protocol (i.e. “http”) the UBB software (or whatever) automatically brackets it with the “” & “” tags so I had to edit the message and delete these.

So when you put the link in omit the “http://” part.

I think (like many other things in life, I know just enough to be dangerous :) ).


Wow! it worked!

Heres a pic from my garage.

Thats my 2 year old son Matt "riding" the Rm250, my friend Steve looking over his brand new, never riden Rmx250, and my 2001 426

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LOL- it is hard to get it to work right in a frame forum like this. The easiest way is to get this page up, place your cursor over the frame where Hick's picture is, then right click and select "View Source". Then do a search for some text in his message right before the image and see the html command he used to make the picture show up. I did a search for the text string "stuff if you want)."- then you can see the html for his pic. hmmm seemed much easier before I tried to describe it... By the way- it's been snowing and single digits here in OK, I'm bored enough to try html myself...


Oh but wait- I just actually READ Hick's message. Do it his way...



I'm not sure what that thing in the picture was, but it certainly doesn't look like anything I would refer to as bike.

Put that poor thing back together would ya??!!



It is together and it runs great but now my camera is broken.

Close your eyes and picture a 426 with white plastic, opaque (and brown) IMS tank, Cycra Pro Bends, PC T4 w/ black header wrap, TJ graphics, blue gripper seat and carbon fiber disc, frame, water pump, and fork guards. Beautiful bike, ain’t it?

BTW I have one bolt left over. It’s real small, 6mm x 10mm w/ a lock washer. Where does this go? :)

If your bike looks like this, don’t call me…


I guess you do need the "http://" part...

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I am trying to post a pic hope it works!


I finally got it to work!!

thats a pic of my 426 the 2nd day i got it looks different (graphics)



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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Forget those extra bolts. It's just a sign that the bike is over designed.


LOL Probably so! :)


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX


Got to try it...

Here's a pic of my 00 426 with Skin Decals



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You can also e-mail pictures to: but I'm a little behind on getting pictures posted on my site.

If you do, action photos and/or photos with people are the best. Tech photos aren't too bad either. But a picture of a stock YZ in front of a garage isn't too exciting. :)

Also, cutting the picture size down to about 50k - 70k is easier on me too.



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I just thought I would try to post a pic.



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can i try?

Do you have to write your message and then edit it to post a pic ?


Nope. You just have to do this to post a picture in this discussion area:

1) The picture must reside on the web somewhere already. This software won't upload your picture for you.

2) Type the following in your post (without the quotes though I just put them there to prevent UBB from posting Hicks picture again):


Note: Replace the url above with the url to the photo on the web.

Make sense?

If yes then



e-mail me the photo like I said above



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That does make sense , and I can see my picture on this discussion area on my computer but I cannot see the pic from another computer. Can you all see my picture ?

Thanks, Jason

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