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Originally posted by jaybird67k:

Can you all see my picture?

Thanks, Jason


COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Smitty, why does your 426 have 400 on the side!????

I really liked the Colors of the 400 Skin Graphic better than the new 426 ones.

I have a buddy of mine makin little 426 decals to put over the 400 ones.

so in a couple days ill have 'em on and things will be back to normal,

Now that u mention it, the bike has seemed a bit slower ever since i put on the 400 decals.

wow i have to get those 426 decals soon HaHa!

Merry MX-Mas


It does look really good. So, you think it's the decal that's slowing you down?

Merry Christmas,


I gotta blame it on somthin',

and i dont want to admit i'm getttin old.

So yeah, yeah it's the decal, thats the ticket!

Merry MX-Mas



Hold it Wide...

I think im gonna be faster now dude!



[This message has been edited by smitty33 (edited 12-23-2000).]

Yeah! A big block chevy would help. But it's contrary to everyone else's complaints that the thing is too heavy already!

yeah man I luv the YZ454 (you will be faster now) I predicted yamaha would do that next year about 2 mos ago! lol PS send me some of those YZ 454 bad boys!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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