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Cr 125 Drained the radiator and nothing came out

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1993 Cr125r I put the radiator fluid in it around lets say June?? I honestly have no clue.... Anyway I drained the radiator today while doing the top end on my bike and well 1-2 cups of fluid came out nothing more. No where near the 3/4 gallon anti freeze I put in it. The antifreeze looked fine just like when I put it in... My oil also looks fine but I may not have ridden the bike since the last time I put oil in it I cant remember because it has been sitting since november and It's that time of the year where we repair our bike and get them ready to ride. I do remember the oil always looking off while replacing it during summer, but i also used to check the radiator and it was always to the top... I could have sworn? So whats an reasonable explanation for where the radiator fluid. Head Gasket? Water Pump seal...... Oh around the water pump there is nasty greasy all around so maybe it has been leaking because it has always looked wet but I want some one elses opinion and is there a way to tell by looking if that seal is bad.

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