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Putting RGV250 wheels on WR - going to look sweet!

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Ok so no one came up with any ideas of wheels to put on a WR250f 2003 so I will have a crack myself and see how it goes. I purchased some 1989 RGV250 wheels (front is 17" and rear is 18" - bummer about the rear not being 17 but was all that was available and the price was good). The wheels came with reasonable rubber, bearings, rear axle, spacers, speedo drive, discs and sprocket. Two of the wheels are polished and there is a second front wheel that is painted (well whats left of paint). They arrived today and have measured them up to see if they will fit. Bit of machining of the cush drive and some custom spacers and I think all will be good. The first problem is though that while the unpolished wheel has disc mount on both sides the polished one doesn't and the disc is mounted on the opposite side of the WR. I figure I could turn the wheel around but then the speedo drive will run backwards and three spokes will face opp way to rear (which looks ok). Anyone know if there are any other issues with turning the wheel backwards (yeah I will have to put tyre on the other way as well).

Have worked out I need to machine 10.2mm off the rear cush drive to make it fit between swingarm. Will also need a larger rear disc. Might get one laser cut or I have heard you can use TL1000 if you machine it down a bit. Will see if can find cheap one otherwise can get one made for around $50.

Am going to have to make new axle holders at rear as RGV axle smaller then WR. Will use the RGV axle but will need to shorten and rethread it.

At the front I am going to replace bearings and machine hub so can get a new bearing in that will take the front axle from the WR (20mm rather then RGV 17mm). Will also make sure I can get aftermarket seals that will fit first so can machine if need be to make sure they fit.

That's about where I am at so far. Hoping to get some stuff machined this week so will update and maybe chuck up some pics. If you have any suggestions let me know.

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