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My 2010 crf250 parts testing, setup, sus, springs, link, handling, and more

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I have the Pro circuit link(2mm longer, lowering the back of the bike by 6mm's) on my 2010 and noticed a difference for sure. It slowed the quick steering down a lot. For testing sake I have tried a new part, stock, to springs, to re valving and spring change,to another spring rate change on the bike each time I've rode, so it is hard to do a comparison.

For reference: I am currently running factory connection .42 and 4.9 springs with there valving and 108-110 mms of sag. Also 1.7 fork pressure springs.

Initially I tried .42's and a 5.0. with stock valving and found it ok. but the forks were to harsh initially(small bumps) and kind of divy when braking hard. So I sent everything in to FC and they re valved it and they changed springs rates to .44 and 4.9 rear. After I found the forks softer initially thanks to the lighter pressure springs but overall to stiff as I was 3 in from all the way out on the compression. I sent the fork away again and they exchanged them to my original purchase of .42's and changed the valving to match since my 147 weight is in between springs rates.

It should be known that the stock fork spring rate measured by FC in Kg's is .45. .44 as it is in the manual is in n/m's. Also the stock fork pressure spring is 2.19. One more thing generally the bike comes way over sprung in the rear stock:5.3. You can check your spring rates for free on racetech.com

The rear has been fine this whole time and since the revalve I have had to click the compression in about 8 clicks and tighten the high speed about a turn or less. I am still working on this a bit but overall it good. Factory Connections service has been great, doing the spring exchange/revalve for free.

Now feeling comfortable with the suspension I have noticed the bike lost it's easy turning and great handling. I have been riding with the link, a lot of sag and the forks all the way down in the triples and it had'nt occured to me to raise them. It felt like the bike would roll to the outside of corners, not stay in a rut and want to push over the top. So I just brought the forks up about 2-3mms and now the bike handles like it should and has almost given me the nice easy turning the bike did with the stock link. I am going to raise the forks a bit more, like 3.5-5mm's and I think I will much happier with the handling. I just hope that it wont affect the stability to much since its feels like its on the verge of head sake in some straights with bumps etc. I think I will tighten the stabilizer a click or two at a time to see if I can get the nervousness out. I have played with the stabilizer a bit initially to reduce the feeling of the bike being unstable but doing so made the bike stand up in corners. At the time though, I feel I was using the stabilizer as a crutch for the initially "un dialed" forks and springs rates/valving/ and the stock pressure spring being to stiff.

Some other things I've bought for the bike was a full yoshi SS pipe. It helped the engine down low and in the mid a bit. Only one ride on it but it made the engine quite a bit more fun an was a worthy upgrade. You can really feel how it looks on the dyno charts.

49 tooth rear sprocket. Bought this after the first ride. I feel it should have come stock with this.

Although the gearing in the tranny is great it doesn't shift as easy as my 06. I Went from Honda red bottle tranny oil to honda gn4 and lastly motul tranny oil, it has been the easiest shifting so far. I'll be trying a few more to see if there is something better.

I removed the steel backfire cage and bought two fire resistant twin air filters. cant say I really noticed a difference.

Clutch pulls has gotten crappy and lubing the cable didn't do much at all. I recently heard mini dads were drilling holes on the baskets of the crf 150's for more lubrication. Since seeing that post with clutch pictures a few weeks back I wonder if this would help.

I am looking into the mapping now that I got a pipe so that will be the next thing to work on

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