I got screwed!!

so I change out the bearing, impellar shaft, seals, gaskets, o-ring, and the guy i bought this bike from last weekend guaranteed the bottom weep hole was the only thing leaking not i got coolant in it went for a short ride on the street where I realized it sucks to not have a brake light since I live in the suburbs... theres a good amount of cops, and when I got home the bike was leakin coolant from the top tube where the radiator connects I think im gonna ask for my money back like he said I could.. if he will even answer:banghead::thumbsup::banghead::ride::banghead: ill post some pics in a few minutes of whats going on. oh and the oil drain bolt was striped when I pulled it out who knows what else is wrong with this thing I am scared to even ride it to the nearest gas station thats like 1 mile away..:lol::foul:




sorry pics arent super good I took them on my iphone

its not constantly leaking out I think seems like it kinda pooled up there but it got there somehow?!?!

There is an o-ring in there that is probably leaking. I think you may be overreacting a little. If you remove the little clip, that tube should slide out of the housing. There is an o-ring around the tube that can be replaced. The Oil drain bolt, could happen to anyone, and should be a fairly easy repair with a Helicoil. Hope this helps, I would suggest stepping back and taking calm look at the bike.

Yep. Bad oring. No big deal. Take it out and clean it. If that doesn't fix it buy a new one. Shouldn't be more than a couple of bucks!

yea it just starting to feel like one thing after another on this machine! i went for a ride today an it was awesome!!! I miss riding soo much and it felt great! im gonna get the o-ring tomorrow lets pray for the best boys! I will update once I get it in:)

yea it just starting to feel like one thing after another on this machine!

Welcome to the world of WRF's. Actually it's a great machine. It does require more maintainace than an air-cooled bike, but once everything is sorted out, it's amazing what the bike can do, plus they tend to be very affordable.

It just seems like there are very few used YZ's/WR's that have been really well maintained.

Click here for my stripped drain plug experiance. Don't let this scare you too much. Most people just heli coil it.

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