1995 440 EXC Piston

My 1995 440 EXC shelled the wrist pin bearing up the sides of the cylinder, across the top of the piston and down into the bottom end.

I do not know if it is even worth trying to rebuild. It has been impossible to locate a piston. Found a guy that will do the nikasil (spelling) for $175.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of failure and or know where I can get a piston?

Thank you in advance.

Do you visit KTMTalk's "Oldies but Goodies, big bore KTM's" forum?

Lots of knowledge there. I had a '94 440 EXC, I bought it with a fresh motor top to bottom. Not because it needed it, but the original owner just kept it in perfect shape. If there's a piston to be found, those guys will point you to it.

Those are usually bulletproof motors, one of the most reliable out there.

The 550 is the piston that's usually impossible to find. Isn't the 440 a 500 piston on a shorter stroke? I could see where that's not a common piston either though. If memory serves, there's a German website that has access to almost any part you'd need for these great engines.

ill bet the rod is no good either. most likely its going to be a expensive fix. even in perfect running condition them bikes are only worth $1200 at the very most, usually less. might be better off selling for what ever you can get and cut your losses. depends if your determined to keep the bike or not.

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