Hot start cable is stretched with bar risers

I have been having issues with my hot start lever and traced it back to a broken nut going down into the carb. I have some bar risers/adapters for my fat bars and I think that the cable is stretched too tight. Does anyone make an extended hot start cable? Is there any way I can extend it myself?


What year is your bike? If its an 06 or newer then go buy a hotstart from an 03-05 they were about 4 inches longer. I just bought an 08 and had a new hotstart cable on my 04 but didn't use it as it was too long. So I know this would work.

If the bike is an 05 or older try rerouting the cable.

Wow sorry, completely spaced last night. Its an 05 WR450.

I would try rerouting it then. My 04 YZf was routed around the outside of the steering head you could not go around and use zip ties to attach it to the frame under the tank. Shouldn't be too hard.

I guess I will try that, thanks!

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