help please wr450 08

hi lads this bike has not realy bit running good since the day i got it,anyway i put a new exhaust on it 6 months a go it was going sort of ok but not proper,so i stuck biger jets in the carb and dident make any difrence apart from the down pipe started glowing and it started to pop so i mest with the mixture and got it going ok'ish now every now and again it will glow and start poping again but now i carnt sort it,and also now i can here like a knocking noise and a clicking noise from the engine its alway made the knocking noise but never herd the clicking befor,the knocking just sound lowder now.

also theres water started to leak from the empeller but only when i start it up.

can this be sorted easy cuss i don't have alot of time and money any more,i never had any probs with my wr400.and aother thing befor i got this wr450 i read that it was lighter than the 400 but noway,i think its heavya than the 400.


ps i carn't remmeber what size jet i put in

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