New Owner of '01 WR426


Well i just bought the dirtbike i have always wanted two days ago and have already put 150 miles on it! I previously owned a KLX300 and wow this bike is so much better than the klx! which i figured it would be but i didn't realise how bad the KLX was or either how the WR makes the KLX look bad. well anyways i was curious if there is anything i should look out for on the bike. such as any parts that usually go wrong for people or what ya'll suggest do. I wish i would have known about stuff before i broke my KLX's idler gear! so i would really appreciate some info. thanks guys


Search for the "free mods" and go to town. You'll love this bike compared to the KLX. Uncorking it makes it really move. I'm not sure where you live but search for "Taffy Jetting" and make sure you have it correct for where you live.

The only thing I'd do until you have some time on the bike is make sure you carry and extra plug and the plug wrench with you. Foul it and you are stuck for sure.

Other than that, have fun. :D:)

Congradulations :) You and me both. I'm gonna be in the process of doing the free mods pretty quick. Pulling the blue wire did make it easier to start.

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