more 250f hype (not that we need it)

Hype? Not sure if I'd put it that way. I just

picked it up ( 250F) last nigh and rode a little on a dirt road (it was dark) and I was

very impressed with how much torque it has down low , how quickly it revved and how light it felt, not as light as my old '96 RM125 but close. I'll try to write more after

this weekend since I'll be out with it ALL


Not sure what to make of the jetting issues

but I've had no pblm starting the bike so far (about 4 times or ao) and if it were to load

up it should have since I wasn't really riding it just putting around. It was a little hard to start the 1st and 2nd time at

the shop but the two times after was very easy, 1st kick.

To have a 4 stroke foul plugs would meant that there is something REALLY wrong with the

jwtting (doubtful though since Yamaha would never sell a bike that didn't run) so I agree

with the others that this is pblm with the

carb it self. Hopefully Yamaha will work this out . I was nervous that this would happen to me and I'd spend half of my life trying to

jet the beast (might as well buy a 2 smoke then!!). As a matter of fact I think that the

bike is a little lean up top (confirming the

reports from Cycle News and ScottF). But I will wait an hour or so to see how it runs

tomorrow. I really think this is a great bike

and I'm very picky about what I ride (for whatever that's worth!!).

Stock jetting on my YZ250F is rich at 5200ft, 50F. Plug came out choclate. I like to see light tan on my four strokes. This bike does not foul plugs like my YZ400 did. Plugs on my 400 used to come out with white insulator, jet black threads. You always read the insulator, but carbon on the threads was contradicting and had something to do with the fact I was fouling plugs every few races. I've had far fewer problems since I switched to 101 octane race gas. I'm going to a 170 from a 175 and see how that does. Jetting seems fine for pilot and needle setting, at least at this altitude.


'01 YZ250F

'00 DRZ400

Isn't going to race fuel going to make the

mixture richer? At least that was the with

my 2 strokes the reason being that there is

less oxygen in the reace fuel than in pump gas. Going smaller on the main makes sense though. I have a '98 and '99 400 w/o any

pblms up to stock jetting excpet for a larger

main (178) in each.

How does the 250f compare to your 98' and 99' YZ400's! I'm sure it lacks the bottom end and the grunt...right? People always rave about lightweight bikes...but my philosophy is just to get bigger muscles to handle the beast :0) !

I have a 01' 426 and i think this thing feels really light and jumps and whips good! Has no problem clearing 100ft jumps! But i guess for some people coming from a 125 it feels like a tanker...oh well i having fun! Sorry to bore ya'!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I agree it does sound like a great bike and I hope if it every stops snowing and blowing in Iowa I will be able to talk about it as well. For now I am relying on guys like you and these articles. It just all sounds too good to be true. However the jetting issues some are experiancing scare me.

The YZ250F has a LOT less grunt than the 400/426. Ask anyone who's ridden a YZ250F what makes it so much fun to ride and they'll probably say it's the totally controllable power. You can literally pin the throttle around most of the track. So you use maybe 80% of what this bike has instead of 40% of what the 426 has. This leaves the rider to focus on riding the bike faster, instead of controlling the power. You shift more often than a 426 but nowhere near as much as a 125/250 2-stroke. It probably has a lot to do with limited horsepower, but these bikes have superb suspension action. Achieving higher cornering speed is much easier when you can feed power in without worrying about over doing it. Long, deep, sandy uphills are will likely show the limits of power for the YZ250F. Fortunately, I don't encounter much of these conditions at the tracks I race on. The 250f is still potent at the 5000 ft altitude I ride, but I don't know how effective it will be at 8000+. I wonder how well this bike runs at sea level! Another 20% horsepower with no gain in wieght would be cool.


'01 YZ250F

'00 DRZ400

'99 YZ400F (sold)

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