My first 450, need advice.

Hi everyone.

Im new to thumpertalk, and just got me a 2005 Yz450f, Bought it for a good price from a friend, and today I got to ride it for good in the trails.

Im from Mexico, and I drove dirtbikes when I was a kid, and havent ride in 10 years, so im a little rusty.... or a lot.

The bike is great, lots of power, actually very few times i passed from 1/2 throttle in the 6 hours we rode.

But I encounter a few things that I would like to improve. the first one is the one that bothered me the most today, the bike kept stalling in first, and at the first 1/4 of the throttle, specially going uphill, this was very annoying, for me and my friends that had to wait for me until I could restart the engine again, that also took me quite a bit, and wear me out. any thoughts on this?

Also had some trouble with the clutch, its to hard, so my armpit is all cramped right now. By the way the clutch cable doesnt seems oem, maybe is this.

Also the bike kept overheating when it was still, and throwing coolant on the overfill hose, don't know if while riding also.

well, thats not it, but its my birthday and Im going out with my fiends.

Thanks and would appreciate any comments.:thumbsup:

If you put some oil down in your clutch cable it might loosen it up.

Because its a 450 the gears may be to wide(possibly taller gears) and probably going to slow I ride a 250 2stroke but Iv begun to notice that newer 4 stroke are starting to have alot more top end then they have in the past and you have to keep it in the higher rpms or else it wi stall just how you descibed.

1. Change your gearing to something higher. Especially since you didnt go past half throttle. im running 13/52 on mine for trails. Also an added flywheel weight will help stalling also letting you take off easier.

2. These bikes are not meant to sit idle as they have small radiators in comparison to WR's, no overflow bottle or fan either. If your going to stop more than 1 minute i suggest turning it off, adding an overflow bottle is also a good idea

3. Restarting when hot, pull the hotstart lever in (the one on top of your clutch) and when the bike starts let go of it immediately. Also it is easier to start in neutral than in gear

thanks Tek, I will change the sprockets and chain soon, so Ill look into the 13/52 setup. And on the heating problem, definitely I will add a coolant overflow bottle.

Is there any way to put a cooling fan on the radiator???, has any one done it before??

And on the flywheel thing??? which one do you guy recommend?, the problem I have Is that the shipping to Mexico takes to long. and while looking at dr.d flywheels found out that you need to send then yours back.

Is there any other way to add weight to the flywheel myself??, take it off, and send it to a machine shop here?

Would appreciate any suggestions. thanks guys.

Look at steahly flywheel weights. (looks like the site is down?)

also trail tech make some and also GYTR but good luck finding those ones in the heavy weight. BTW these are replacement flywheels not bolt on weights, although some do offer bolt on's

From my understanding the yz450f only has an electrical system to power the ignition so no way to add a fan unless you get an aftermarket stator etc

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