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Rm 250 jetting

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OKay I have a 99 rm 250 I feel like the bike runs a little bit too lean, cause to really get the full power out of it I have to wrapp the throttle all the way around and it still feels like its not getting its full potential, I mix with redline 50:1 with 91 pump gas although It seems to have a little splooge comeing out the exaust I have only owned the bike 2 months could it just be old stuff from the PO? cause the splooge is very minimal now. And I havent fouled a plug since ive gotten the bike Ive ridden it at least 15( about 45-55 miles each trip in the woods) different times camping with it three times.

I was going to go up one to two sizes on the main jet just to see.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Andrew

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