Wow! I made the right decision.

I bought a lightly used 08 YZ450 this past fall, and spent the winter adding stuff to make it mine. Took it out for it's first real ride today, and I am so impressed. I'm coming off a YZ125 that I use for trail riding, and was a little worried the 450 would be a handful...apparently not. Went up two teeth on the rear sprocket, added handguards and a full Jardine pipe, and this thing is amazing! Thanks for all the input on the little things :thumbsup:

COngrats on your purchase. I too have an 08 and I love it. Best bike I have ever had, hands down.

Glad you like your new bike, and remember a bike only goes as fast as you twist your right hand

Even when you twist it all the way, it's still very's perfect! I figured I'd need a flywheel weight, but now after riding it, I don't think I will. Just a larger tank is in my future...maybe a pro moto kickstand.

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