Flywheel Torque- How do I hold it?

Put the bike in gear and have somebody stand on the rear brake. Should have enough force to do the trick.

I used a standard automotive oil filter wrench to hold it, worked perfectly. A steering wheel puller with three #6 screws can be used to take the flywheel off.

P.S. Be careful not to run the screws in too far, they will run into the stator coils...


Please post your digital pix when you get a chance. I've been thinking of installing a flywheel weight myself.

posted 04-04-2001 07:22 AM


What is the easiest way to hold the flywheel in place while you torque it down? I am going to install a Steahly 14 oz tonight and that is the only thing that bothers me is how to hold it. I don't want to pull the clutch side off and I don't have a clutch holding tool. I'm going to try a strap wrench but any input is helpfull!

I will document the install with my digital camera and post it if anyone is interested.

Roostn in Denver

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