Chevy/Fox Motocross Pickup

Did you guys see the Fox Racing concept truck? It has every conceivable feature to get you to the track- integrated loading ramps, custom tailgate to fit two bikes,cargo box, generator, etc. you can see it at I don't know how to post this so that you can just click on the address, but check it out. There is a poll on there to guage interest in the concept. If MX'ers don't take the time to show interest in this type of product, we won't enjoy the benefits of it. And no, I don't work for Fox or Chevy. But please check out the site and take the poll, cause we can't buy one if they don't make one.



The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

No idea on the cost. Only info I saw is what you saw. I would think it is going to be pricey, though. Just the fact that it is a crew cab with 429hp would put it up there.Course, if you eliminate the need to purchase a trailer...

Its missing a water storage tank and a built in pressure washer

Dang i wish i could my hands on one of those trucks! The dream truck of all motocrossers.

Very cool truck! But Im guessing 30,000 dollars, 11 miles to the gallon at two bucks a gallon, 500 a year registration, 100 a month insurance. I'd love to have it but my bank roll is not thick enough because of racing!

I'll stick to my old 1985 Ford diesel van. Besides I think a van is a better choice than a truck for a racer for many reasons I wont bore you with.

I think Ill just save my drool for when I see it at a race some time with some expensive european 4 stroke tricked out to the max in the back.

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