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Frame corrosion

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I got what appears to be very mild surface corrosion on some of my frame and engine covers. Nothing is rotted through or overly damaged, it just looks ugly and a little discolored. Is there a way to get this stuff off?

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I sent an email to the owner listed on the website and here is the reply:

From: Paul Mattar [mailto:paul@fluidenvironmental.com]

Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:37 AM

To: xxxxxxxx

Subject: RE: Question about your product


I can’t tell you how many people use Rust Release on their motorcycles. I would use the Rust Release liquid to clean the

inside of the gas tank. I have not had anyone complain about the discoloration on the aluminum. I always suggest that when the rust is removed,

the piece you are cleaning should also be removed. We have a liquid and a gel. If you can dip your part, use the liquid.

Feel free to call me at anytime and I will help you.


Paul Mattar




From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 12:12 PM

To: paul@rustrelease.com

Subject: Question about your product

How well does this remove light oxidation and surface discoloration on aluminum such as found in motorcycle engines, side cases, and wheel hubs?

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I use "A must for rust" from home depot, it works great on rust for me, even thick rust.

Surface rust comes off almost instantly, deeper rust needs brushed in and time to sit. And once it's done, you rinse it off with water, and it leaves a coating that should protect against rust for about a year

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