Flywheel weight

My 426 is set up for woods riding. Harescrambles. I can keep it singing pretty good through the trees but still stall when using rear brake hard(Tree). I am going to go with a flywheel weight and am trying to decide between 10oz or 12oz. I went to a rear sprocket 52 tooth and like the results but still feel I need the flywheel weight . whats working for you?

I have a 10 on mine and it helped. I would suggest putting on the biggest available, which is 12 or 14, if you are in the woods. I only do woods and did not want to wait for mine to be welded on. That's why I went with the bolt on 10 oz. Stealy weight.

I believe Scott's has a 12oz. weight that bolts on. I could be wrong but that's what they show on their website.

Thank, I just ordered a 10 oz from Terrycable.I think with the bigger sprocket already on this should do the trick. 4banger,did the 10oz pretty much resolve the stalling?


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I have a '98 YZ400 with a 10 oz weight, 1 tooth down on the CS sprocket, and idle set up slightly. Rarely stall...

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On my 99 I have the 10.5 bolt on type so that I can take it off very easy. But if I remember correctly anything bigger requires the removal of the flywheel and shipped to the manufacturer to have the weight weld/riveted on the flywheel. That is why mine has the 10.5. But that might have changed.


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I previously gave bum info. It's stroker that lists the 12oz. weight. Here's the link. Check it out if you want.

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