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Give it a Good Once Over

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So today I went to rebleed the CR master cylinder I recently installed. So to make it easier I figured I pull the wheel and caliper. This way I could turn the bend in the line and ensure no bubbles whatever.

So that all done I see some wierd wear marks on the caliper bracket ***? Turns out the rotor bolts were loose and backing out. :banana: So a little loktite, retorque, coolz. Make an extra spacer for the axle out of some Aluminium I have lying about for good measure. :banana:

I start mounting the rear tire. Hmm what's this lump I feel? Crap a piece of steel 2" long tapered from 1/2" to a point, about 1/4 inch thick. Luckily it went in sideways into the tread block. Pull it out no leaks. :lol:

So needless to say I think I take pretty good care of the DRZ. Apparently not. In the last month I did the CR mod missed the rear brake thing completely. I retensioned the chain and I even washed it (very rare) and thought I gave it a once over last week. :banana:

Check your bikes! Okay, now I feel better. :banana:

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