South Hills ride in Billings, Montana

If any of you guys are ever passing through Billings Montana, stop and spend a day riding in the South Hills facility owned ( leased ) by the local cycle club.

This is where the " World Championship Hill climb " is held

in July. I won't b.s. anybody and say I climbed the hill but I did have a great time trying some of the hills around even though I dumped my brand new ride.. :D Behind the hill climb area is - my guess - several hundred acres of rolling hills, deep live washes full of game and trails going every direction. I was lucky enough to bump into a great guy named Jerry Richter; a member, who took me around on a couple hour tour of the place while trying to keep up with him on his CR500 ( and he is a very fast at 56 ). Great place to ride, great people. You gotta try it if you havn't. :):D

Dirtstiff :D

When, how much and is it worth a trip for the WC hill climbs?


The hill climb is the last weekend in July (26&27). Tickets are under ten bucks I believe if any one is thinking about coming I can get tickets and info. BMC web page :)

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