Steering stabilizer question

I read everywhere that once you ride with a steering stabilizer, you just can't go back to riding without one.

Now, I'd like to know : :D

What are the effect of a steering stabilizer ?

How does it work ?

Best brand ? (most bang for the money).

Where is it really useful ? (high speed desert riding VS wood riding).

What is the best place to get it from?

And any other useful info you can think, like is it worth it ?

Thanks for all your input. :)

I use a Scotts unit. Its does require some set up for what you are riding, its very adjustable and easy to use. It makes riding less work, you can ease the grip on the bars. I can say it even has prevented crashes by reducing the impact of unseen rocks while riding at speed. My friends who bought stabilizers now also go faster with less effort. Check out what the pros use on their bikes then contact the manufactuer for info. I just wanted to say they work, but they work better when you take time to set them up.

I removed my scotts SS after a close call with schlong separation. I put a barpad on for now. I will put it or another unit on my bike at some point. The biggest difference is encountered when riding at high speeds through uneven or choppy terrain- also when riding in ruts or terrain that wants to track your front wheel. I don't have any problem riding without it, but it does take more effort sometimes. Let's just say I value my schlong more than my Stabilizer. So who has a good setup for installing some type of pad over a Scotts with pro-taper bars? Pics?

Here are a couple options to stop the nut busting.



The GPR 2.0 (integrated stabilizer/handlebar mount) is still several weeks away, according the GPR. I've been told they're way too tall and are redesigning a shorter model. When they're finally available, though, I'm going to get one.

So who has a good setup for installing some type of pad over a Scotts with pro-taper bars? Pics?

Get the low-mount kit:


Scott's New Products Page

Or suck it up and buy a set of bars with a crossbar. I've seen guys cut a pad out for a Pro Taper, but there isn't any padding directly over the damper.

Hope this helps.

I have the RTT and its the only way to go.

This would be the best damper / pad setup on the market - take a look at the following link. :D :D

The MSC damper is made in Oz and the quality is unreal.

I have run a Ohlins damper (borrowed while the MSC was on backorder) and can't pick any difference between that and the MSC.

Pricing is in Australian dollars (South Pacific Pesos) so should be very good value for those of you living in the land of George Dubya.

Check it out,

Muz :)

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