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smoked the xr250l today

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went out to mud creek for weekend had just put new 250r carb on and took for ride ran fine on sat. didnt ride for long then got in side by side and hit the mud hard.went back out this morning and rode for about 2 hrs hard but no deep mud, stopped to light cig at creek and noticed bike starting to smoke i have small leak on auto-decomp and thought maybe was a little low and runnin hot took off and quit smokinrode another hour and noticedit was smokin then not smokin,was goin up big hill and started smokin worse and thats it took home changed oil and noticed what looked like glitter in oil filter still smoked after oil change, let cool down washed and dismantled unfortunately left rear head bolt snapped off anyone no any tricks to getting out?,still about 1 in. stickin up to grab to but felt like it was cross threaded,bike is a 92 but only has 2400 mi. on it is it possible it was cross threaded from factory?well piston seemed to fail at oil ring right at wrist pin on both sides scarring both sides of sleeve,what next? should i rebore sleeve and get bigger piston? are should i get kit from xrs only with new sleeve? top of piston looked good head looked fine tappets and cam looked great and lower bearing on rod had no movement.anyone have a pic of factory piston?i bought from original owner and he said it had not been rebuilt i am curious as to see if it is factory.whats trick to pulling wrist pin?this will be my first rebuild.is this a normal failure of xr pistons right above wrist pin?looks like a weak spot as oil ring seems to have little metal at point above wrist pin i dont know just guessin any suggestions on bore size? or better piston kit-wiseco or je? any info helpful,

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