BBR motorsports

this is just a bit of advertising for BBR motorsports. they do amazing things to the 426. from mild (Exhaust,billet goodies) to exotic (Modified CR250 frames that will fit your 426 enging right into it, shaving off 15 lbs, and making it handle like a 125) look for ads in the november 00' Dirt Bike comparison test, between the BBR426 and the one off prototype Motoworld alluminum frame YZ426. you can reach them by web or phone. or (253)631-8233 locted in Kent Washington, they do excelent work!

-Eric Bazzy

oops i just read some posts where this guy got yelled at for advetising. i didnt know that that was looked down upon, sorry. im new here. it wont happen again. i dont work for BBR just ride for them at a relativly low sponsorship. sorry if i made anyone mad.

-Eric Bazzy

They do some cool stuff, but you would have to be sponsored to be able to afford one of their bikes. Nothing wrong with sharing their links though is there? I wish I had a shop like theirs... Anyway BBRguy- it does these guys some good to get mad every once in a while hehehe...


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