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Need help with my 04 CRF250R

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I just got my bike back from California after I moved to Texas and keep in mind I just had my carb rebuilt. After about two weeks of riding, I started to notice my bike was getting harder to kickstart and wouldn't stay on and idle as long. The problem degressed and now it'll hardly kickstart and won't stay on unless I have the throttle pulled back a little. I took my carb apart thinking it was something wrong with the jetting but everything looks fine and now when I bump start it, it pops and it sounds like metal is clanking around on the inside of the engine. My buddy was helping me out and said it sounded like the piston but I'm not sure because when I do bump start it and try to pull in the clutch to shift, I give it a little gas to keep it alive and the bike accelerates like I didn't even pull in the clutch. Can anybody give me Any answers as to why this might be happening before the problem gets worse?

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