to loctite or not to locktite? this is the question! i'm talk'n 'bout the usual fairings, fenders, plastics, and headlight bolts. ya know - the 8mm, and 10mm bolts that are always on, off, on, off, on, off.........! :)

Depends what type of loctite you want to use.

There is the: removable loctite, threadlocker, medium strenght, high strenght, etc...

If you are referring the a WR or YZ, the owners manual indicates when and where you have to loctite.

Also you have to respect the torque spec, if it still loosen after proper torque, then I'm sure a removable loctite would do a good job. :)

I use the removable blue stuff on all those bolts.. lost a few before I started to do that.. its cheap and doesnt cause any mess or problems, so why the heck not :)

Blue loctite for sure. Check your sidestand bolts. It's a drag when you lose one on the trail.

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