sell it or keep it?????

How did you plate the 500. YOU ARE MY HERO.

Forethought. Back in 2003/2004.

Well, after about an hour and a half, I got a new set of keys this mornin. So everything is better now. I just have to keep myself from crackin that throttle a lil too much til she gets broke in:ride: It's deffinately apples and oranges when it comes to the two machines.

morecc's & greenguy....

You guys on for the 500 forum?


yes....same name.

morecc's & greenguy....

You guys on for the 500 forum?


Haven't done that yet. I Need to check it out.

Good job keeping Kawi. I found that I was putting waaaaay to many hours on my WR after it was plated. Its nice to have another bike to reduce some of the wear and tear on my big dollor machine. Now lets see some pic's, "both bikes."

+1 on that. DS bikes gather miles quickly. When u see 10000+ mi on the husky u will definately wish u still had the 500.

I am convinced I need 2 bikes. That way if one is ever down for repairs, I can still ride!

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