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Tonn's Racing Panaman Rack

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I keep getting people asking me about my rack...

Well there is an alternative now..

anyway... Nicole from Rugged Rider talked with me and Mike Tonn and she came up with a design that is inspired from the Panaman rack...

This is the original Panaman rack on the Panaman Bike :lol:


Here is Nicoles bike with her rugged rider rack


So now you guys can stop bothering me because this is the closest you are going to get to a Tonn's Racing Panaman rack...

here are some more pictures and info....


unfortunately I receive no royalties :banana:

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Or, you could stay tuned and get the "original"...


damn.. didnt know he was going to do this again....

I haven't talked to him in a while....

wonder why he didn't contact me... i still have his original site and logos all zipped up

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