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icons new hybrid the (variant)

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all right here we go i just finnely had to say good by to my kbc super x-7 bomber editon undoutably the most best helmet i've ever had for dirt and street moto and i'm looking at this new hybrid maket and want one i reseacherd the afx fx37 and more people against than for it and i like the arai xd3 but is abit out of my price range so this brings me to the icon variant this is a bi***in looking helmet and as far as i can resaerch on you tube this thing apears to be built top notch sooooooooo has anyone used this thing to give an honest review.i've got about 375.00 to spend and i like good quilty built gear i dont like junk i live on my bike.so please any feed back would be greatj.ust a pic of each for ya for comparsion.

the afx fx-37


the arai xd


the icon variant


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