yz seat and tank for 01' wr 426

ok ok can any body tell me what years of yz seat,and tank will fit my 01'wr 426. i did a search and didn't find any years or much other info on this. thanks alot guy's :)

01 yz426

That would be years 98 thru 02. This is the one of the best mods you can do for a WR. Enjoy! :)

I have a YZ tank and seat that I would be happy to trade for anything bigger.

Here's an even better idea...sell your and buy mine! :)

Seriously, it's a great mod. I got the SDG seat & used YZ tank. Makes it a whole other animal!

Mine is for sale though!

hey hows it going . whats the going price on a tank and seat, and do you need another set of shrouds? sorry i didn't reply earlier but been out of town.

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