fork oil leaking out


I left my bike on blocks (front wheel off the ground) for two weeks and fork oil started leaking out. Do I need new seals or do I just need to keep it off the blocks.

Seams like these bikes always need new seals

having your bike on blocks will not hurt the seals....i would say your seals or seal where already on there way out.your bike shouldnt "always" need seals...if it is needing seals replaced all the time it is usualy because of damaged forks,like a scratch or nick on the fork tube.

I have had fork leaking problems on alot of my bikes.

I thought maybe because the seals sat on a part of the fork they rarely pass over or because of the extended position of the forks or maybe the lack of oil pressure when the bikes on blocks the fork seals maybe prone to leaking.

i have only done 1 set of fork seals on my kx since 2007,it gets ridden twice a month usally on big trail rides approx 150-300km loops,do you clean under the seal after each wash? if not..this can be done with a thin feeler guage,just slip it under the seal and go in circular motion around the fork dragging the feeler guage down.your forks may only need this done to stop them from weeping.or you can get a product called seal savers...thay are like a little bag that goes around the fork and cleans the fork before the mud and dirt goes up them

If the seals leak, definitely they need to be replaced. Also if too much air pressure builds up in the fork leg, that can cause the seals to leak. Bleeding the excess air out of the forks on a regular basis is a good idea. Also as 2007RM250 said, any scratches or damage to the fork tubes will cause rapid fork seal failure.

Keeping the bike up on blocks is a good thing for springs and tires. The springs don't sag down so much and the tires don't flatspot. Whenever possible, store the bike up on a stand.

You can usually dramatically extend the life of fork seals if they start leaking by cleaning them. First, carefully pry the the dust seal down and then slide a 0.006" feeler gauge around the seal. This process plus a small amount of fork oil oozing out cleans out the material or dirt that is causing the leak.

I use goggle tear-offs instead of feeler gauge to clean out the seals.

I just bought an '04 85....the right fork guard was broken off (which I have since ordered) and noticed after a w/end of riding a bit of oil was leaking from the right fork. I looked closely and there is dirt right there where I guess the dust seal is. Will try cleaning very carefully and hopefully that takes care of it...along with the new guard in place.

How do you slide the dust seal down?

Your seals are bad and need replaced. Seals are actually designed to seal under pressure. meaning as the forks are pumping up & down they're forcing the seals to seal harder. When your bike has sat it allows the seals to relax and that's why they've started leaking.

It's just time to replace them, not a big cost and not a difficult job or take it to your local suspension guy (not a stealership) long has it been since you replaced the fork oil???

You can have some debris under the seal but you'll usually notice that seeping pretty quick unlike your bike sitting for a couple weeks, then started weeping..

When I pulled my KX125 out of the shed this past week end after several months of sitting. There was a fairly large puddle of oil under the left fork. I am guessing the cold weather caused the seal to contract enough to allow the oil to leak by. The seals are in need of replacement anyway as they were weeping some last fall.

BTW Tires were sitting on the ground.

i just pulled my forks apart last night on the kx 250 i just picked up. It didnt take as many pulls of the upper and lower fork leg to get them to seperate like it used to on the showa's on my RM. the only thing i disliked about the KYB's is that i had to go buy a special hex bit because they have that allen/hex bolt to get the inner compression chamber out as well as to unscrew the rebound. on the showa's its just a 17 mm nut on the bottom.

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