More idle/carb issues......please help

2001 WR 426FN Bought new. baffle out, grey wire mod, cut throttler stop, all the basic mods to unleash the beast. Bike was bullet proof for years. Lost health insurance and couldnt ride for 3 yrs. Got insurance and decided to put bike back in action to ride with my 16yr old. Having idle issues / was popping bad on decel and would not idle unless choke was out. I have adjusted idle screw 2 turns out and air 1 3/4 out. Pulled carb and cleaned thoroughly, cleaned jets, new main. put carb back on and have a very high idle. randomly the idle will hang high and then return to normal, but mostly it just seems to remain at high rpm at idle. I checked the boots where carb attaches for vacuum leaks and there are none. Research on the site tought me to inspect the vacuum slide plate. It was installed properly and has no cracks. It does feel loose in the carb against the slide but I have nothing to reference this against so im not sure if this is normal. I have ordered a new o-ring for the slide plate and a new gasket for the top of the carb. I should get these towards end of the week and install to see if there is any change. From my research on here everyone seems to be alot more knowledgable than does anyone have any thoughts that may help me out. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

buy a new pilot jet and throw the old one away... Things are small and tend to replug easily even if they looked clean when you put them back in.... Sound like you have a lean issue that would point to the pilot being plugged or the passage. Also, if you pulled the fuel screw, it went back together O-ring, washer, spring then needle (starting from carb)?

It might also be an air leak, a little starting fuild sprayed aroung the carb whil it is running will tell you if you have a air leak, the idle will go up when you spray the starting fluid and if you have a leak...

I would bet its your pilot jet. Mine did the same thing your describing after sitting for two years. I took mine out and cleaned it with some carb cleaner and air hose. I reinstalled and it worked like new. This fix is free, so your not out anything if it doesn't work.

Thanks for the info on re-installing the fuel screw and the pilot jet tip. I still have my WR owners manual that has the skematics but i dont always interpret them correctly. I did have it reinstalled proper. I did clean my pilot jet but did not replace it so I will also do that for sure. I am upset because I still havent recieved my ordered parts yet for the carb to put it back together. Also if anyone has any knowledge if there is any looseness or slope between the slide and vaccuum slide plate. No-one has commented on this in previous posts I have searched and im not sure if this is just normal or a problem. Anyway I cant wait to get it back together and figure it out. This site is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. My 16yr old is bummed we arent ridin today. Hate it for him. Maybe the post will run today and get the bikes in the woods tommorrow!

OK, well I got my rubber o-ring for the vaccuum slide plate and the gasket for the top of the carb and installed them. Made sure everything was clean. Same problem - idled high. Note as i asked earlier in my original post that it felt like the vaccuum slide plate had play or slop against the slide itself and wasnt making a good seal. I noted when i cleaned the carb there was a small amount of diirt/grime in this area of the carb. I took it back apart and coated the slide and plate with grease. Put it back together and ran it. It was an instantanious fix. The bike ran normal and came down to idle like it always used to. I dont understand it. Could anyone with more knowledge than me explain this...?? I hope my above description makes sense in what i did. I appreciate the comments and believe i will go ahead and change the main jet anyway. Cant wait to get back in the woods. Will be headin to Brushy Mountain soon!

Sure your plate wasn't in upside down the first time?

I am 110% positive it wasnt upside down the first time. That was the first thing I checked - then checked to see if it was cracked.....

The slide may have been hanging up and not fully seating. The grease you put on lubed it up and must have allowed it to seat. That would be my guess

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