my first 4 stroke

i just got my first 4 stroke and have only been able to start it twice .it is a 2001 wr 426 does any one have any advice

Search on this site and you will find LOTS of good tips. Once you get it down it is a piece of cake. I love mine! Took me a couple of tries but once you get the hang of it---cake walk.

i would suggest youtube it, reading will help kinda im more of an observant person though I need to see how it gets done before I can get it down

Cold starting: Yamaha says to twist the throttle twice to prime the carb, but I pull in the decompression lever, kick it through four or five times, find TDC, let the decompressor go, then return the kicker to the very top—this is very important—before kicking hard with no throttle. I’ll use the choke if I can reach it, but that’s not always possible with big off-road gastanks.

Starting a flooded bike: The big key with all four-strokes is not to panic. If you pick the bike up and start flailing away, you’re going to cause problems. I’ll take an extra second to find neutral, kick it two or three times with the hotstart and decompressor engaged, release both, find TDC and kick. It seems a little bit longer, but it almost always starts quicker than panicking. Again, no throttle!

Cold Start is the black knob on the left side of your carb and red is the hot start.

Thank you guys.I'll give it a try.

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