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2007 KLX 250s - it surprised me!

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Folks, I am used to bigger Kawasaki Streetbikes ( I still have 2008 my 650cc Versys). As for dirt bikes, I have been keeping to Yamahas until recently when I bought a brand new old stock 2007 250s. I bought the bike in replacement of my aged DT200WR.

Prior to purchasing the KLX, I read alot about the bike here in this forum and other dirt bikes forums. I was under the impression that the bike lacks power, bad suspension and so forth. Needs to be derestricted, rejettings and so forth...all the increase performenace works.

Please bear in mind that I am about 77-78kg and stand at 5' 9 3/4".

I have been riding the bike for the last two weeks. Took it to the trail 4 times.

This is what I found....

For trail riding, this bike rocks. Good handling, very agile, manouverable and is good enough to have fun. Yesterday was the real test...a 4 hr gruelsome trail riding over hard packed, soft/loose dirt, gravel, rocky, grass, mud, stream crossings, 15feet 45 degrees climbs, 3 feet drops, steep slopes. We rode through single trails, wide trails, tarmac, slippery rocks.

For closed circuit or track (motorcrossing) go get a Yamaha YZ.

The bike was standard, (It doesn't seem restricted, I got the Japanese model, a 2007 H model with rectangular digital meter, with no tacho), the only thing I changed was the berather/snorkel, which I put in a KDX, handle bars, and handguards.

I rode with a DR, TTR and a Serow.So the one Suzuki, two Yamahas and one brand new Kawasaki team took to the trails. We were riding between 40km/hr at 85km/hr on the trails. However most of the trail was done around 70km/hr.It looks like the KLX not only matched the "better" branded bikes, but was exceptionally good when it comes to river crossings (I removed the side stand kill switch), climbs and twisty trails. I wasn't even tired on a hot and sweaty day...the only thing I need to top up was water in my Mule Camel Bak.

Never did the suspension bottomed out when I did the drops. Mind you that I have had experience riding YZs and DTs and WRs.

Hey...this bike really rocks.

Now let's see how it will perform when I changed to a TWO Bros V.A.L.E. M7 which arrived two days ago and rejetted the carb. I also plan to drill the slider bottom and drop 1 t in front.

Will update.

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