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Happy Customer!

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Just got my bike back from a new company here in OZ by the name of TrooperLu.

I really don't know where to start, my 08 TE450 was feeling rather sad and I gave it to Justin initially for a little tidy up and to install the Rekluse autoclutch.

Well Justin kept pulling her apart and it became apparant that whoever put my Husky together was nowhere near as passionate as he. So I basically told Justin to make me love my Husky again so away he went.

Firstly there's the suspension, I'm a novice but this weekend my bike felt as light as my bro's 250! (almost), Justin found flaws in some of the stock parts in the Forks and even went as far as jumping on the lathe and remaking parts to perform the way they should!

Then they threw in the Rekluse, fixed up my dodgy wiring and a bunch of other wierd stuff.

Also these fellas know how to ride and test the bikes they setup themselves each tinker, you don't get your bike back till' they return with that big smile on their face!

In short I'm stoked I found a mechanic thats a instills that much confidence, my Husky is in good hands!:banana:



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