What's are the steps...

Hey guys what's going on. I have a question for you yamaha guys... My friend so a 1999 wr400f for sale for reasonable price. He wants to be able to ride on the street with our enduros so he was wondering what it takes to make it street legal. What are the steps involved? Where do you start with this like with changing the title and things. I know you have o get blinkers an stuff but anything else you guys can help me so I can let my friend know the deal I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys

Registration varies widely from State to State, so first check with local DMV office to see whats required. For my state, the first thing I did is get an emmision test and Insurance, then just registered it. I modified hardware later. Your state may or may not requre inspection first. So again, check locally before you decide how to spend $$$ on hardware to be street legal.

First off, you need the Certificate of Origin, get that, and look at it, if it says "offroad use only" or anything like that, you need to get all your aftermarket stuff, here in CT you need speedo with non-resettable odo, headlight, taillight, indicators, chainguard, red/yellow reflectors on rear/front of bike, highbeam indicator, and DOT tires. If you go to http://www.farplaces.com/dual.htm there's an awesome write up on how to make it street-legal.

After you've done all your work, you'll need to go and apply for a "composite" motorcycle registration, basically what the custom guys do when they fab their own choppers....

Then you go off to inspection, they look over the bike, if anything is wrong/missing they tell you, you fix it and you're good.

If you have no C/O, then you need to post a bond, DMV will tell you how much the bond needs to be for, and then you can get it, usually from an insurance co. You'll also need a chain of custody paper trail, all notarized, as far back as you can go....go back far enough and you'll probably find the C/O!

If the C/O doesn't say "for offroad use only" then you just go to DMV and get plates.

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