Mine taped at 145 after I turbo charged it

Learning to wheelie is safest when done in first gear doing (balance wheelies) opposed to the power wheelies mentioned above. My personal fave is sliping the clutch in third, low revs, and picking up forth early with fat steady throttle riding it till the front wheel stops spinnin. Who wants to be safe anyway :)


hey e bay thumper...

I can do it in my sleep...

it's when I'm awake thats the problem! :)

How many of us have looped it out practicing, the safe bet says every dang one of us. If your gonna do wheelies, sooner or later your gonna get dirty, cuz aint nobody perfect. Looping it out is how I ended up hyper extenting my knee 90 degrees. I just stepped off the side and was running along next to the bike, and when I planted my foot to hop back on, my boot slipped on the ground. Sold those MXL plastic boots forthwith!

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