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Details on USD fork swaps

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There are a few threads on Fork Swaps around here.

I thought we could consolidate them all into one thread to show who has swapped forks on thier DR650, what forks are readily available, and what modifications, what parts are reuseable, etc.

Just finished my USD fork swap, so I'll start:

2006 CRF250 USD forks (450R same, just different spring rate)

CRF Supplied Part:

- USD Forks

- Triple Clamps (no steering stem required)

- Axle & wheel spacers

- Front Wheel (I bought a new Supermoto wheel for CRF)

Aftermarket/Non-Stock parts:

- New headlight assembly

(your choice, but DR650 will not fit without Mods. I used the Trailtech X2 Dual-sport headlight)

- Supermoto front Rotor

- Front fender (you can remount any fender of your choice. Just redrill holes)

- Extended Sainless brake line (one for a DR650 works fine)

- Speedo replacement (I used Trailtech vapor)

This was surprisingly an easy swap.

I had the benefit of having an entire CRF250R at my disposal, for spare parts, but I really didn't need as much as I thought.

This required NO MACHINING, & making some very simple "custom" Parts.

One was building a mounting bracket for my ignition switch.

The other was a 1/32" bushing on the steering stem. (I'll explain)

As close to a direct bolt-on as you can get!!

CRF forks already had a good setup (spring rate) for my use, so all I did what have it revalved with some gold valves, replaced all seals, and had them annodized.

The skinny... (Good news):

First, DR650 has the Same brake caliper as the CRF250R.

The only difference is the Caliper Bracket.

By replacing the stock Caliper bracket with a Supermoto bracket for a CRF250R, I was able to reuse the stock DR650 Caliper. (I was going supermoto anyway). If you aren't going supermoto, with will need the CRF caliper bracket (or the entire assembly)

Second, the other major issue is usually the steering steem or bearings. Well... the CRF and the DR have the exact same diameter steering stem. But the CRF stem is just a little longer. You can make a spacer and use the CRF stem, or You can just press the DR650 Steering stem into the CRF lower clamp. If you have conical bearings, you can use the CRF bearings, or the DR bearings.

Last issue I had to deal with, is If you use the DR steering stem. There is a little bit of play in the top clamp on the stem. Nothing major, but I wanted a tighter fit, So I bought a 1/32" thick piece of brass strip about 1 inch wide, "wrapped" it around the steering stem (required some careful hammering, bending, etc) and them tapped the CRF top clamp over the "bushing" I created. Perfect Fit!! Bolt everything together and yout ready to go.

Mount lights, turn signals, etc and your good to go!! :lol:

Will post pics SOON! :banana:

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