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Running rich I think. HELP.

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I hate to ask this question here but this is the most technical forum I know of. I am hoping Burned can solve this one quick as usual.

I recently put new rings in a 1985 Honda ATC 125M (3 wheeler) as well as rebuilding the carb with a kit from ebay. I idles good and pulls on top good. If you try to hold the throttle steady between 1/4 and 3/4 throttle it sputters really bad like a 2 stroke bogged down. Once it warms up it wont even rev out any more so it is definetly worse once hot. When it is ice cold it runs pretty good with only minor sputtering. The plug is black and sooty. So I know I'm rich.

The jet kit has a different needle than stock. Stock was a Keihen D88 new one is a D245 seems more aggressive than the 88.

I have tried every needle position with both needles and can't get rid of the problem. It didn't do this before the new rings but it also had no compression and was exchanging metal between the cylinder wall and the piston.

Everything is pretty much stock no mods that I can find except maybe the airfilter but the intake and exhaust sizes are stock. What should I do or try to narrow down what is wrong.

Thanks for your help in advance

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