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mint condition '05 Rm250 question

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I recently purchased a mint condition 2005 RM250 and took it out for the first time on Saturday. Everything ran perfect except for one relatively small issue. When I opened it up on some sand flats the engine sputtered a bit ( like it was either starved for fuel or choking on it) at the mid to high range (almost wide open).

I am a novice technician and am looking for a little help before I take it to the dealer and shell out $.

Here is the data from Saturday's ride

1. 2005 Suzuki RM250

2. I ran a NGK BR8ES plug which I have now changed to a BR8EG for the next ride after reading the forum.

3. 32:1 fuel ratio

4. Virtually no pipe spooge (a good sign)

5. Plug came out a little wet on the threads but the tip and whatchmacallit was still white and dry (a good sign)

6. No change to the performance when the bike was hot or cold

7. I ride the bike at sea level in 60-75 degree weather with no humidity.

8. I pulled the jet out and it is a 168. Carburater is a keihin. I bought the bike from a guy in Montana so this particular jet might be the cause of my troubles?

9. Not sure of the needle size at this time.

Any suggestions from you experts?

Thanks a ton!

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