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Yet Another Tire Thread!

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I have been running Kenda, K760 rear tires for the past 10,000 miles, and I love them! I enjoy riding off road, but I also ride a lot on the street. The Kenda K760 rear tire behaves very well on the pavement, and it has never failed me in the dirt. :lol: I intend to keep running the K760 as my rear tire, but I need assistance choosing a front tire to pair with it. :banana:


Since I ride so many miles on the street, I want a front tire that will ride smoothly, corner well, and stop quickly on pavement. However, I also would like this tire to perform as well as possible in the dirt. I am currently running the Cheng Shin C858 as my front tire, and it does a pretty good job. However, I am thinking I might be able to find a front dual sport tire with a more aggressive tread. :banana:

I have read good things about the Kenda K777F, Kenda K270, Metzeler MC4, Dunlop D606, Michelin AC10, and Pirelli Scorpion Pro. However, I don’t have any personal experience with any of these tires. Should I stick with the Cheng Shin C858 front tire, or can I switch to something better? :banana:

Spud :banana:

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