1990 Rt 180

Ok this is my wife's trail riding bike that comes with the deal where the fuel and the oil are mixed at the carb. I would prefer to run my own mix and not rely on this. has anyone ever disabled one of these. To me it would make sense to just loop it back to itself on the injector pump and plug off the port on the carb. Anyone?

What you would want to do to remove the oil injection is what most people do is remove the oil pump and but a block off plate on the inside of the cases and of course you block the oil line inlet on the carb.

by removing the oil injection it will also require some minor jetting tweaks I believe you'll need to richen your pilot and main jets. I vaguely recall something about the oil n gas mixed together going through the carb makes it leaner vs just straight gas through the carb cause the oil injection inlet on most oil injection bikes happens right after the carb circuits.

that was very helpful and thank you very much i will have to look at what jets are in there i am pretty sure everything is stock. I do however not know what a block off plate is and where to get one. Thanks a ton

The block-off plate is a,

"...oil pump block-off plate for most Yamaha two-stroke engines. Allows removal of the autolube pump when opting for more-reliable pre-mixing oil & fuel, especially on modified engines. Fits all popular Yamaha engines like RD, RZ, DT, YSR, MX and most others. This plate covers the hole where the oil pump is located and is easy to install."

Retro-Cycle-Supply on eBay has them.


Good luck!

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