Moved over to the darkside and bought a yamaha

Hey all, As the title says I moved over to the darkside and bought kind of a basket case 2000 Yamaha YZ426f, I have ridden Suzuki Two strokes for a long time. I wanted something cheap to start my expedition into four strokes. I picked up a 2000 Yamaha yz426f for $700, the guy who had it before me had the clutch detonate and take out a piece of the case, he gave me two cases with the bike. My question is? I am looking for a bike that can put the power to the ground better. Will this bike do it? Any tips or tricks on this for longetivity? The bad news... I bought a bike that I could not hear run, this guy is a friend of a friend and I took his word that it runs great. So I am taking it to the local motorcycle shop and see what they think about the case. Any pointers for me. BE HONEST...

Expensive rebuild to be honest but in the US its probably less than half of what we pay here.

Also are the cases a matching set? i believe you have to have a matching set as there is no gasket in the middle of the cases and any sort of variance will not be good. (someone correct me if im wrong)

But to answer your question, yes this will put power to the ground better than a 2 stroke

yes on the matching cases.

yes on the matching cases.

As long as the only issue was the broken clutch/case, you'll do fine. Take this opportunity to freshen up the engine a bit with new seals/bearings/rings. One word of advice: get a repair manual and do the work yourself. It's not all that difficult and it will save you a fortune vs. taking it to a dealer/shop. If you do decide to work on it yourself, make sure you read and re-read the instructions on the repair manual, make sure to have all the necessary tools as well.

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