2008 WR40F Torque Limiter or What??

I want to see if any others on TT have had starter torque limiter issues on 2007, 08, 09 or 10 WR450F bikes?

I replaced the starter brushes and reinstalled the starter back on the bike then the starter spins and the outer gear of torque limiter spins but it isn’t driving the idler gear. Which lead me to think that I may have damaged the torque limiter when I reinstalled the starter.

So I took the torque limiter apart expecting to see some wear, a pin sheared off or other damaged but other than a little tooth wear on the smallest shaft splines (which was easily dressed up with a file and some 600 grit sandpaper) there was no wear or even any debris from the clutch plates in the limiter. The limiter does have a little movement (approx. 1/8”, and I did check another 2008 bike’s limiter and it had the same amount of movement) in and out but I think that’s normal and after 2 ½ years of riding it looked to be in perfect shape. So I reinstalled the torque limiter & still have the same problem. Starter and torque limiter are lined up great and both turn fast and smooth. But the idler gear isn’t moving.

The idler gear turns freely by hand counter clock wise and it will turn clockwise with a screw driver gently. Also I should mention the battery is new and fully charged. Not sure what to look at next.

Any feedback or input would be appreciated, thanks.

When you put the motor back together did you pay attention to the magnet orientation? If not the starter is likely spining backwards. It's important to mark the 3 pieces of the motor housing when you take it apart so you can reassemble it in the same alignment. If you didn't do that then try rotating the center section 180 degrees and see if the motor spins the other direction.

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